Duplicate File Finder

5.2 for Mac

Find and delete all the duplicate files on your hard drive


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Duplicate File Finder is a simple tool that helps you quickly find and delete all the duplicate files taking up precious space on your hard drives. The way it works is simple: just select the hard drive or specific files you want to scan, and then start the search. You also have the possibility to exclude files stored in cloud hosting programs like Dropbox or Google Drive.

After a few minutes, the program shows you a list of all possible duplicate files with the option to preview them to make sure you don't delete anything you need by mistake. You also have the option to view them directly in the Finder, since the program includes a shortcut to this window.

After examining the list of duplicate files, you can delete them directly by clicking Remove. All these files can be sent to the trash bin or permanently deleted. You also have the option to delete empty folders directly.

Duplicate File Finder is the ideal program for deleting duplicate files in the folders where you store music, photos, and documents. The most stand-out feature is its speed: this is one of the fastest duplicate search programs on the market thanks to its multithreading-based architecture.